our Ministry team

Adrienne Dixon

First Lady

  • 323-757-1804
  • adixon@go2hope.com

John Hampton

Business Administrator

My favorite type of music is soft rock.

  • 323-757-1804 ext. 206
  • jhampton@go2hope.com

Oumi Gueye


I’m terrified of heights, but I enjoy flying.

  • 323-757-1804 ext. 204
  • ogueye@go2hope.com

Amazyng Royale

Executive Adminstrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor

Track & Field All American

  • 323-757-1804 ext. 207
  • aroyale@go2hope.com

Joinel Dixon

Administrative Assistant-Pastoral Staff

I am afraid of clowns.

  • 323-757-1804 ext. 318
  • jdixon@go2hope.com

Kurt Lykes

Director of Worship-Arts

My favorite movie of ALL TIME is ET.

  • 323-757-1804 ext. 213
  • klykes@go2hope.com

Gilbert Smith

Music Director

  • 323-757-1804
  • gsmith@go2hope.com

Alexis Roberts

Children Ministry Director

When people ask me how many kids I have, I always answer: I stopped counting after 700 (# of kids registered in HOPE KidZ).

  • 323-757-1804 ext. 266
  • aroberts@go2hope.com

Michelle Love

Associate Pastor of Care

I love to get my aggressions out on the tennis court when I slam the ball and my creative juices flowing in the kitchen when I bake.

  • 323-757-1804 ext. 218
  • mlove@go2hope.com

Jonathan Holley

Associate Minister of Membership Management

I love watching movies in the theater and I’m an avid video game player (console & mobile). 

  • 323-757-1804 ext. 267
  • jholley@go2hope.com

Eddie Mae Williams

Family Resource Connection

  • 323-757-1804 ext. 236
  • ewilliams@go2hope.com

Esther Aguilar

Director-Spanish Ministries

  • 323-757-1804
  • eaguilar@go2hope.com

Ron Thompson

Youth Ministry Director

I enjoy free diving.


  • 323-757-1804 ext. 260
  • rthompson@go2hope.com

Perry Davis

Facilities Management Team Member

Ramiro Cortez

Facilities Management Team Member

David Peters

Facilities Management Team Member