To help ensure Center of Hope continues to impact lives for years to come, we are launching a new giving initiative which focuses on planning a gift to the church. 

A planned gift can take many forms including non-cash gifts such as stock, life insurance dividends, property, and more.  Depending on your stage in life, this program can also help you explore your financial options for lowering taxation, provide for a successful retirement, leave a significant inheritance to your love ones, all while impacting your community through the ministry of Center of Hope.

Even if you think your cash flow won’t allow, you may be able to leave a significant gift to Center of Hope, either today or at the end of your life. Call today to set up a time to discuss how you can benefit from this program.



  1. Have you considered creative ways to give that involve your estate plan?
  2. Did you know you could consolidate all your regular donations for the next 5 years and take the entire tax deduction this year?
  3. If you own real estate, you probably know you will have to pay nearly 25% tax when selling the property. Would you like to hear about how you can avoid that 25% tax by committing to a 10% gift at the end of your lifetime?
  4. Are you aware that key financial tools (ie. 401(k), IRA, Life Insurance, etc) are critical to your safeguarding your future? And they can be excellent tools to use in your charitable giving too?
  5. Would you like to learn how to pass on your philanthropic passion to your children and grandchildren?

If any of these topics are of interest to you or you have further questions, please contact Brother John Hampton using the contact button below, or call 323-757-1804 ext. 206. Brother John would be happy to connect you with a team member that can discuss your needs.